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Chairman of the Iran Parliament, supporting the Petroleum conference throali-larijaniugh private sector

Chairman of the Iran Parliament, Dr Ali Larijani is supporting the helpful ideas for developing the private sector and his welcoming the basic ideas of holding the petroleum conference in convergence of the private sector.

According to the press office of Petroleum Conference, Dr. Gholamreza Nouri, House deputy chief of communication in the meeting with steering committee representatives of petroleum conference, welcomed the convergence of private sector organizations.

Dr. Seyed Hamid Hosseini- President of petroleum conference in the beginning of the meeting that held on, Saturday August 23, with the house deputy chief of communication and follow up, explained that petroleum conference for the first time is been designed and held with the support of Iran’s petroleum private sector organizations invited by the decision sovereignty and international counterparts, Iranian companies active in the construction industry, Investment and Manufacturing and international trade,,,

Dr. Hossaini believes that convergence between the private sector is an act of remembrance and it’s a blessing. He proposed this win is a result of hard works by the conference’s permanent secretariat department and the cooperation of the associations.

Hossaini adds petroleum conference is designed in the downstream sector of the oil industry, and according to Article 44 should only be applied by private sector organisations.

Dr. Hosseini stated that in the following meetings the topics regarding to Financing and the provision of guarantees will raise up to find their solutions.

He also proposed that we have some creative ideas in order to attract investment developments specifically the international investments, he believes with reducing the payback period, the sale of bonds convertible into shares of companies that use it, are the ideas that need to be discussed and analysed with members of parliament.

Mr. Saeed Mohtadi, Member of Conference steering committee, stated that projects won’t be assigned and listed unless foreigners are not involved or we are in sanctions and chines organisations are not accepting our projects.

Chairman of Oil Industry Equipment Manufacturers Association said in Iran tasks are assigned to each person by force, no one is feeling responsible towards the development of our economy or fixing our issues with other countries, they only feel responsible for their own department’s projects and they want them to be prefect and follow up the certain standards that is been used since 200 years ago, without considering that the best companies in the world have 15 to 20 years of experience and each year their experiences are becoming double our performances

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