How to learn to learn

What is teaching children English
Teaching English is, first and foremost, a game. Children want very much to think that they already speak English. And only after two years of teaching it becomes clear that this is not the case. On the other hand, children tend to overestimate their abilities. Therefore, in order for them not to become a kind of excruciating test of English, it is better to start learning from the very basics. Teaching children English are engaged in a variety of teachers, researchers and scientists. But most of the specialists work in public schools, which basically teach the school program. And although English training takes a long time, parents who want their child to become a well-rounded person must master the basics, otherwise the training can be a serious ordeal for the child.
Teaching English to Children
Younger school-aged children will benefit from learning English. You can begin teaching children English by starting with the alphabet and numbers. This is followed by an introduction to poems and fairy tales, learning songs and rhymes. And finally, the third important link in learning English in children – grammar.
Preparing children to learn English in school
It is very important for children to learn English not only to know how to write and read, but also to be able to listen and understand the meaning of what they read. That is why it is best to start learning English in elementary school by studying English grammar. Of great importance for the study of grammar is a table of conventions, which can be used to denote new words. But not only English words help to explain the meaning of English letters. Increasingly popular is the study of Russian in primary and secondary schools. When learning Russian, it is much easier to introduce new words into the spoken language than in a foreign language. Therefore, it is very important that children are familiar with Russian words that can be used in conversation. In addition, children need to take a course in Russian as a foreign language so that they can read and understand what is read to them.
If preparation for teaching children English took place at an earlier age, it will be much easier to maintain conversational skills. In the younger grades, the child will learn to understand the word that is written on the card, but in the middle grades this will not be the case, as children will be quite good at reading and writing. Therefore, preparation for learning English can begin in the fifth grade. At this time children are fairly well-versed in Russian and have some idea of how and what to say in Russian. Pupils in the lower grades can think about what they will be doing in lessons. Although there will be nothing for them to do in English lessons.